MS 25-4-L Telescopic Forklift

Description of MS 25-4-L Telescopic Forklift:

1. MS25-4-L Telescopic forklift has four wheel drive, rigid suspension chassis, hydrodynamic-mechanical transmission, hydraulic steering and brake system of hydraulic vacuum booster pump, rear wheel steering, air-conditioner, astern radar, DVD, automobile type meter panel,MARS is telehandler dealers.

2. Two-segment working device, quadrilateral telescopic boom, and fork lateral displacement unit adopted unit adopted in normal type.

3. Excellent performance of MS25-4-L Telescopic forklift for unloading and loading of materials which piled on trays to containers as well as piling, stocking and short distance transporting. telehandler dealers.

4. Kind of multi-purpose, efficient and convenient machine for loading and unloading, hoisting, transporting in mineral yards, plant, construction spots, ports, public works.

5. Optional accessories could be chosen by users include bucket, hook, boom.

6. The loading height and the cross country performance of it are much more excellent than regular forklift truck.