Brief Introduction of MARS Crawler Mucking Rock Loader

Date: 2010-06-22

MARS Crawler Mucking Rock Loader is mainly applied to the construction of railway tunnels, road tunnels, diversion tunnels, drivage in a level lane in the mines, loading some ores including phosphor ores, iron ores, manganese ores etc.Its character is big power, rapid loading, simple and compact structure, humanized design, easy maintenance, the overall body with carbon dioxide protection welding etc. All the hydraulic and electrical parts used in the machine are famous quality products with reliable performance.

    For designing and manufacturing the machine, the company organizes the best engineering technicians and workers to spend many years in seeing and researching on the spot. The optimal design of computer is applied to the machine. In order to make products user-friendly, there is not only an air-cooled hydraulic system but also a seat and a cab. There are some alarm systems including itinerary and oil temperature beyond the limit, oil circuit plugged and motor over the load etc too. It is easy to use and maintain the machine, which has a reliable performance and high cost-effective identity. The company has tested the machines in the field for more than a year and has further improved the structure and performance according to the use condition. It is selected above all for driving in a level lane. You will save a lot of human and financial resources once you have the machine.

    Since the machines were put into market, the recognition and praise of the majority users have been received. With the development of science and technology and the demand of the users, company continues to improve and perfect the configuration of products. We all the time believe that there is no the best but better. All staff in Siton will provide customers the best products and satisfactory services.