Tower Crane

Date: 2010-08-05

Model: 5510
Project: Power Engineering Construction Project
Customer Feedback: De-Ying tower crane plays a very important role in this power engineering construction project. The model of the tower crane is suitable for our project. We thank you for all you have done , which accelerates the process .
Project:Oil Refinery in Costarica
Customer Feedback: One of our best suppliers in the civilian tower crane projects, in respect of quality, price, service . De-Ying tower crane is the very supplier who we need. We hope that we can have further cooperation.
Model: 5613、5520
Project:Office Building in Dubai
Customer Feedback: Perfect means that you pay attention to every tiny detail. From manufacture to shipment till after sale service, we are beneficial from your professional advice. The office building is going well now.
Model: 5013、5613
Projects: Offshore drilling Customer Feedback.
De-Ying has given us good reputations, not only your product but also your people. Your considerate service impresses us much and saves a lot of time and expenses for us.